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About AIG

AIG Life are the UK life insurance arm of the American International Group, Inc (AIG), a leading international organisation serving customers in more than 80 countries.

They provide protection insurance that helps people when they really need it, offering financial and practical support for individuals, families and businesses.

AIG Insurer benefits / extra support

Smart Health

Offers you a convenient way to connect to the tools you need to manage your health and wellbeing. It offers unlimited access to a suite of six services:

  • A 24/7 UK-based GP
  • Best Doctors
  • Mental health support
  • A health check
  • Access to nutrition consultations
  • An online fitness programme

Smart Health is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at no additional cost to you. All six elements of the service are also available to your immediate family, including children up to the age of 21.

Aviva logo

About Aviva

Probably the UK’s biggest life insurer with some 11 million customers, Aviva can trace its history back to London’s Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society established in 1696. Although a multinational, Aviva’s core life insurance markets remain the UK and Ireland.

Aviva Insurer benefits / extra support

Plus is the umbrella name for Aviva’s support package, which is open to all policy holders (and immediate family) 365 days per year.

Support Plus includes: 

  • Bupa Anytime Healthline - A telephone support service where qualified Bupa nurses provide general health and wellbeing advice, as well as guidance around specific medical conditions. 
  • Counselling and Carer Support - Telephone (and face-to-face) support in mental health, bereavement, work-related stress and the challenges faced by carers. 
  • DigiCare+* - Health services and support app. 

Did you know? Aviva’s Hospital Benefit will pay out £100 per night (after six consecutive nights) if the policyholder is hospitalised due to any illness or injury. This is payable from the seventh night to a maximum of 90 nights during the policy term. 

*Service available since December 7th 2020. All existing Friends Life plans and Aviva Alps Personal plans (post Jan 2015) have DigiCare+ apart from the Digi GP. Not available for Business Protection or Simple Life customers.

Beagle Street Logo

About Beagle Street

Founded in 2012, Beagle Street is an online life insurance company specialising in life and critical illness cover. Part of the BGL Group, the company ultimately employs over 3,000 with 8.9 million customers on its books.

Beagle Street Insurer benefits / extra support

Personal Care Helpline

A free and confidential telephone service (open to all customers) where experts offer medical, legal, lifestyle and mental health support and guidance.

British Friendly logo

About British Friendly

A mutual Society, which means it is owned by its 30,000 members, British Friendly was originally formed back in 1902 to insure business travellers and their families. One of its specialisms today is protecting the incomes of members who work high-risk occupations.

British Friendly Insurer benefits / extra support

Cash in your pocket

Be in with a chance to win £100 every month.

Clinic in a pocket

Mobile app offering help and support from healthcare professionals.


  • Virtual GP consultations
  • Physiotherapy
  • Counselling
  • ‘2nd opinion services’

The Exeter logo

About The Exeter

The Exeter Friendly Society, to give it its full name, is one of the UK’s largest friendlies with over 90,000 members. The company, which offers a range life insurance products and related health and help services, was founded in 1927 in, well, in Exeter.

The Exeter Insurer benefits / extra support

Healthwise App

Remote GP appointments (up to four consultations each year) With demand for GP appointments rising and the number of NHS GPs falling, it comes as little surprise that many people have to wait weeks to be seen.

HealthWise takes this wait away, by allowing members to book phone or video consultations via the app with experienced UK-based GPs without leaving home, or from anywhere in the world. The service offers clinical advice and guidance, and GPs can issue a prescription if required or recommend further treatment. (The cost of prescriptions or referrals to a private specialist or consultant is not covered by the HealthWise GP service).

Second medical opinion service (up to two consultations each year)

Sometimes we all need a second opinion to help make a difficult decision. Members can use HealthWise to access a second medical opinion, where a diagnosis can be assessed and analysed by a second expert pair of eyes. It could recommend a different treatment plan, or just valuable reassurance.

Physiotherapy (up to six consultations each year)

With HealthWise members can also receive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. With access to a network of physiotherapists, they can get the help they need via video consultation.

Mental health support (up to six consultations each year)

HealthWise provides access to fully trained specialists who can assess and treat a range of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression & substance abuse, as well as offering emotional and behavioural support. The service is provided by video consultation with therapists via the app.

Registered dietitian consultations (up to six consultations each year)

Members can access one-to-one consultations with a HCPC registered dietitian who can help improve health and wellbeing, including working with special dietary needs due to health conditions such as coeliac disease.

Lifestyle and nutrition consultations (up to six consultations each year)

Members can access lifestyle and nutrition coaching, which is designed to take a holistic view across a range of areas that can affect heal

Guardian 1821 logo

About Guardian

Beginning life in 1821 as Guardian Fire & Life, the company operated under different names for a century before relaunching as Guardian into the UK market in 2018; on the strength of family-friendly life insurance cover and service.

Guardian Insurer benefits / extra support

Guardian Anytime

We're not just here for policyholders when they need to claim. All our customers get free additional benefits - anytime. This currently includes 24/7 GP consultations over the phone from anywhere in the world and UK based face-to-face second medical opinions.

Krysalis help with neurological diagnosis

Claimants and families get access to specialist advice and support to help them navigate the challenges of a neurological diagnosis e.g. Parkinson's Disease, Motor neurone disease and strokes or brain, spine central nervous system injuries.


We don’t have a set list of additional services when people claim. Our approach is much more personal, and we call it HALO. Our Claims Team listen to each claimant’s concerns, identify the exact help they need, and through our network of medical and legal experts, make it happen

Holloway Friendly logo

About Holloway

Founded by local Gloucester MP George Holloway in 1880, the company — an insurance friendly; owned by its members — pioneered income protection as we know it.

Holloway Insurer benefits / extra support

Member Assistance Programme

Free 24/7 telephone counselling and support service, with fully BACP accredited counsellors advising in health, financial, housing, benefits and employment issues.

HSBC logo

About HSBC

Part of the multinational banking group, HSBC’s life insurance division offers a full complement of protection products and has been operating in the UK life insurance market for over 30 years.

HSBC Insurer benefits / extra support

Hospitalisation Benefit

Will pay out a lump sum due to accidental injury of £5000 for an accident that results in physical injury which requires the insured person to stay in hospital for 30 or more consecutive days on the advice of a consultant.

Insurers I-Z

Legal & General logo

About Legal & General

Legal & General was founded by six lawyers in 1836 to sell, among other things, early life cover. Today Legal & General are a FTSE-listed institution with multiple locations, 10,000 employees and millions of life insurance customers.

Legal & General Insurer benefits / extra support

  • Wellbeing Support From the day that your Legal & General policy begins, you and your immediate family have access to Wellbeing Support.
  • Practical and emotional support - Your assigned nurse will call as often as you need, for as long as you need.
  • Recovery from illness or injury - Help with managing recovery, including: return to work coaching, lifestyle advice and organising additional services, including physio therapy and speech therapy, if appropriate.
  • Mental health - Support with stress, anxiety, depression or trauma (including specialist counselling, if appropriate*).
  • Diagnosis understanding - RedArc can answer any questions you may have about your treatment, diagnosis and next steps.
  • Dietary and lifestyle - Advice on illness prevention, recovery, minimising risk and tips for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Serious and chronic illness management - Guidance through ways of best managing illness; what to expect and treatment possibilities
  • Health service guidance - Help with navigating the NHS, other health services, social care systems and charities. Along with finding support groups.
  • Later life planning - Including information on government services, retirement housing and finances.

*There is a per person financial limit for additional services. Exact number of sessions and options is dependent on cost of services and personal budget.

LV= Logo

About LV=

LV= began in Liverpool in March 1843, collecting regular premiums locals to cover community funerals. In 2007, Liverpool Victoria changed to LV= and, today, 1,300 employees service over a million life insurance customers.

LV= Insurer benefits / extra support

Doctor Services

Six services available for all personal protection policyholders at no additional cost. Please note that these services do not cover symptoms or issues related to Coronavirus:

  • Remote GP
  • Prescription Services
  • Second Opinion
  • Remote Physiotherapy
  • Remote Psychological Services
  • Discount Health MOTs

Remote GP

15-20-minute phone or video appointments with UK doctors, for everyday health advice, diagnosis information, and face-to-face specialist referrals.

Prescription Services

Prescriptions and sick notes emailed or posted to you, or to your local pharmacy for collection. Medication costs covered by policyholder.

Second Opinion

Check a diagnosis and get advice on treatment options with a UK medical specialist by video or face to face consultation.

Royal London logo

About Royal London

The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited, to give it its full name, was founded in 1861 and is today the largest pension and insurance mutual in the UK, with nine million members (customers) and some 4,000 employees.

Royal London Insurer benefits / extra support

Helping Hand

All customers have free access to telephone-based guidance from trained nurse advisers, who can make further referrals if required.

Scottish Widows logo

About Scottish Widows

Established in 1815 to take care of the bereaved families of the Napoleonic Wars, the Edinburgh-based company today has over six million customers and some 3,000 employees across its life insurance and pensions businesses.

Scottish Widows

Scottish Widows Care

All customers (and immediate family) can access free advice and support around physical and mental health via qualified nurses and professionals.

Clinic in a PocketTM

Clinic in a PocketTM remote GP and prescription delivery services by Square Health are available to all new policyholders from 22 March 2021. This allows them, their children and partners to access a UK doctor 24/7 to talk through any health or medical concerns by remote consultation.

Vitality logo

About Vitality

Founded in 1994, Vitality’s incentive-based programmes encourage and reward healthy life insurance customer habits. Vitality employs 1,400 three UK hubs in London, Bournemouth and Stockton.

Vitality Insurer benefits / extra support

If you engage with their Vitality Plus programme you can get things like annual health screenings (blood pressure, cholesterol, raised sugar levels etc..) and you can get discounts on full health screenings which will include things like CT scans! Prices start from £1.75 a month on top of your premiums.

Zurich Logo

About Zurich

Named after the Swiss city in which it was founded in 1872, Zurich employs over 4,500 people in the UK to take care of general insurance customers, including a broad range of individual and business life insurance products and services.

Zurich Insurer benefits / extra support

Zurich Support Services

Free and confidential health and wellbeing service, covering a wide range of issues, is available 24/7 to customers and immediate family.

Did you know? Zurich’s Work-life Support service offers advice and expertise in family, career, financial, legal and emotional matters. It aims to help customers find a positive work-life balance.

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